Style Guide


Classic Collar

You will never go wrong with this. Point length of 3 inches, it pairs well with a smaller tie knot. Highly versatile and suitable for all occasions.

Buttondown Collar

Our version of this enduring classic stands 3.5 inches tall to create a generous roll. The Buttondown Collar will blend in perfectly with both your casual and business wardrobe.

Semi Spread Collar

Our Semi Spread Collar features a subtle curve along the 3.25 inches collar points. Compared to the Classic Collar, the distance between the collar points is wider.

Wide Spread Collar

With a gentle collar roll and a point length of 3.5 inches. the Wide Spread Collar will sit comfortably under your jacket lapels. Pair this with a medium or bigger tie knot for a modern look.

Cutaway Collar

Our subdued take on the cutaway collar. The distance between the collar points is significant but not extreme. You will still be able to make a statement without looking out of place in a traditional office environment.

Band Collar

As casual as it gets, the Band Collar comes with a 1-inch collar band. Consider adding this collar into your rotation, for a more relaxed look. Pairs well with linen and chambray fabrics.

Wide Spread Buttondown Collar (new!)

Taking cue from our wide spread and buttondown collar, we’ve developed this collar for those who prefer a buttondown collar that has a wider spread. Well suited for the weekends, or dress down Fridays.

Classic One Piece Collar

Stand out from the crowd with the One Piece Collar’s distinct collar roll. The placket and collar are expertly cut and secured in a single piece, allowing this One Piece Collar to stand on its own. Constructing this collar requires more mastery and time, and so this collar is usually found in quality bespoke and MTM shirts.

Curved One Piece Collar (new!)

A variant of our Classic One Piece collar, you can observe the slight difference most clearly from the side. Constructing this collar requires more mastery and time, and so this collar is usually found in quality bespoke and MTM shirts.

Camp Collar (new!)

Also known as a Cuban collar, this relaxed collar sits flat against your skin and buttons lower on the chest, creating a “mini-lapel” look. Perfect for the weekends and your beach getaways.

Lucca Collar (new!)

With a slight curvature at the side and a longer point length of 3.75″, this semi-spread collar will pair well with or without a tie. For those who are slightly more adventurous, consider adding this collar into your rotation.


Angled Cuffs

Edges cut at an angle. An ideal choice for a smart and crisp look.

Round Cuffs

Our preferred style. A versatile choice that will complement both dress and casual shirts.

French Round Cuffs

Pair this with cufflinks. Most suitable for a formal, black tie event.

Arrowhead Cuffs

Goes well with casual shirts. For those days where formality is not a concern at all.


Clean Front

Our favourite style. You’ll never go wrong with this for both your casual and dress shirts.

Placket Front

Commonly seen on more casual shirts. We think this option goes well on an Oxford Button-Down shirt.

Hidden Front

Give a twist to your casual shirts and have your shirt buttons concealed.


English Block Font

The font’s clean appearance will add a touch of class to your custom Collaro shirt.

Chinese Character

Personalise your Collaro shirt with your simplified Chinese initials.

Monogram Placement

Have your initials embroidered on your left cuff, right cuff or the inner collar.



For those who favor a nondescript gusset which reinforces the seams at the side of the shirt, we offer this add-on with a small surcharge.

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